State of the Art Concepts

Six Flags

  • Six Flags Train
  • Six Flags Skate
  • Six Flags Santa
  • Six Flags Plane
  • Six Flags Horse
  • Six Flags Doll
  • Six Flags Spin Top

SOTAC was commissioned by Six Flags Amusement Park in San Francisco, California to create 3D Christmas toys that children typically ask Santa Claus for.  Our shop elves carefully hand-sculpted each piece for the parade with care, in hopes that our larger than life 3D presents brought a smile to every age, no matter where.   The 3D toys were hand sculpted with high density foam, sprayed with a hard coat polyurethane coating and airbrushed with industrial paint enamels.  The gifts boxes below were constructed from wood and then painted with industrial paint enamels.  They were on display at “Christmas in the Park”.