State of the Art Concepts

Hound Asleep Custom K9 Shelters

  • Tree stump - Custom doghouse

Each dog house is individually hand-sculpted by our in-house artists. The internal structure of each dog house consists of an R-value EPS foam which provides insulation and keeps the overall structure lighter in weight. The interior and exterior of each dog house is then sprayed with a 100% waterproof polyurethane hard coat which provides strength, durability, longevity and an insulation barrier that protects your dog against diverse weather conditions.

The exterior of each dog house is then customized with various paint finishes to mimic your overall concept, whether it is tailored to suit a themed environment, surroundings or architectural appearance. It may also reflect your dog’s personality, temperament or tendencies.

Finally, a clear coat is then applied to the paint to protect and seal the dog house against fading and chipping.