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Flags of the World and Band Shelter – Hope, BC

  • Hope, BC Band Shelter
  • Hope, BC Flags
  • Hope, BC Flags
  • Hope, BC Bus Shelter
Client / District of Hope, BC
Location / Memorial Park – Hope, BC
Project Type / Landmark Architectural Signage
Materials / Aluminium, Steel, Industrial Paint Coatings

Between the Coast Mountain Range and Cascade Mountain Range, this hub of southern BC highways makes Hope a readily accessible destination.

In the center of Hope is Memorial Park. It is a popular place where tourists stop, stretch their legs, have a picnic and enjoy what the park has to offer. It features amenities such as the Friendship Garden, band shelter, chainsaw wood carvings, playground, bus stop and washroom facilities.

The District of Hope wanted to create a welcoming setting for all who visited her. The project was designed to encompass equality, diversity and inclusion.  We manufactured and installed streetscape elements such as the world flags, welcoming all nationalities, and geographical coordinate signage which references the tourist’s location.

The adjacent band shelter was created as an outdoor venue for music, performances and storytelling.  We created and installed a metal stringer of musical notes around the shelter which allows the city to install protective vinyl panels that protect performers during windy and sunny days.