State of the Art Concepts

Flags of the World and Band Shelter – Hope, BC

  • Hope, BC Band Shelter
  • Hope, BC Flags
  • Hope, BC Flags
  • Hope, BC Bus Shelter
Client / District of Hope, BC
Location / Memorial Park – Hope, BC
Project Type / Public Art and Landmark Architectural Signage
Materials / Aluminium, Steel, Industrial Paint Coatings

SOTAC was commissioned by the District of Hope to create items that welcomed people from around the world as they arrived in their town.  Their vision was to make everyone feel as if they were “at home” and being greeted by the community of Hope.  The bus shelter and flag poles were erected using yellow cedar to compliment the natural surroundings of the area.  A suitable addition to the rest stop was a cedar sandblasted sign introducing Hope with its exact longitude and latitude reference for tourists.  The world flags were placed on either side of the bus shelter as tourists and visitors alike are “welcomed”.  The band shelter was added to give the community of Hope an outdoor venue for music, acting or storytelling.  To continue on with the consistency of other metal work we created a multipurpose metal stringer of musical notes. Although aesthetically pleasing, protective vinyl panels can be hung from the stringer to block out wind and sun during a performance.