State of the Art Concepts


We believe our portfolio speaks volumes in regards to our capability as a company and our work. Our senior in-house artist has been in the business of creating realities for various clients over the past many years. His genius lies in original hand-sketched drawings for client(s) conceptualization in addition to detailed 3D shop drawings. Each artist is versed in different aspects of the creative process. This includes 3D drawings, metal fabrication, structural framework, sculpting, hard-coating, welding, sandblasting, airbrushing, millwork, mold making, custom lighting and other various accomplishments.
Some of our other in-house services include project management, design & structural consulting, certified engineered drawings, estimating, structural welding, specialized fabrication, specialty shipping and installation services.
All of the products we use are of utmost highest quality. They are all approved by their specific manufacturers and/or product providers and include permits and/or certification where applicable.

Engineered and 3D Shop drawings

We invite you to preview some of the detailed drawings we have provided our clients prior to being awarded their project.  We strive to provide quality artwork that is pictorially consistent for the client’s conception and visualization of the completed project.