State of the Art Concepts

2010 Winter Olympics – Vancouver, BC

  • Winter Olympic Rings - Cypress Mountain
Client / Vancouver Organizing Committee – VANOC
Location / Whistler Olympic Park, Whistler Creekside & Cypress Mountain, BC
Project Type / Legacy Public Art
Materials / Aluminium, Steel, Industrial Coatings

SOTAC was honored to have been approached and awarded by VANOC the manufacturing and installation of four sets of the 2010 Winter Olympic Rings. The Rings being 20’ x 37’ x 18” each were placed at different Olympic venues. One at Whistler Creekside, one at Cypress Mountain and two at the Biathlon and Cross-Country stations within Whistler Olympic Park. The Rings were constructed in three sections for ease of shipping and on-site assembly by our installation team. Due to the extreme weather and installation conditions at Whistler Creekside and Cypress Mountain we arranged for further assistance by means of a helicopter to lift the Rings into place. At both locations a helicopter pilot flew the Rings up to the designated site and hovered cautiously as our installation team carefully and quickly lined up the Rings to the brackets on our installed HSS poles. The Whistler Olympic Park, Biathlon and Cross-Country venue, was a little less worrisome as we arranged for a Hijab crane truck to lift the Rings onto site as our installation team attached them to the brackets on our installed HSS poles. These Olympic icons are now permanent fixtures at each location.


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