State of the Art Concepts

Six Flags Amusement Parks – The Wiggles Theme Parks – USA

Client / Six Flags Amusement Parks
Location / New Jersey, New England & Chicago – USA
Project Type / Waterpark Theming and Water Play Systems
Materials / Aluminium, Foam, Polycarbonate, Polyurethane Hard Coat, Fiberglass, Airbrushing, Industrial Coatings

We were commissioned by Six Flags Amusement Park to manufacture and install the character, Henry the Octopus, from the children’s music group “The Wiggles” formed in Sydney, Australia.

We created three Henry’s sitting on a coral reef, with peek-a-boo holes, surrounded by fish and starfish. The top of Henry’s hat and the starfish had internal water fittings which enabled them to squirt water onto the park guests below.