State of the Art Concepts

Mariner’s Church – Irvine, CA

  • Sunken Ship - Mariner's Church
Client / Delta Play Group
Location / Mariner’s Church – Irvine, CA
Project Type / 3D Outdoor Play Structures
Materials / Metal, Foam, Polyurethane Hard Coat, Fiberglass, Airbrushing, Industrial Coatings

SOTAC was commissioned by Delta Play Group to construct an interactive playground structure for the Mariner’s Church in California.  The featured images show the bow, mid ship and stern of a sunken vessel.  The project required engineered drawings, compliance with an Internal Risk Consultant for playgrounds and play areas, including accessibility for the physically challenged. The internal framework consisted of a galvanized metal frame, hand sculpted high density foam, polyurethane hard coat, fiberglass and airbrushed with an industrial enamel paint finish.  The overall project was constructed in three major sections and contained many subsections due to extreme weight, transportation and installation precautions.