State of the Art Concepts

Bow River Habitat Station – Calgary, AB

  • Bow River Habitat Station sculpture by State of the Art Concepts
  • Bow River
Location / Calgary, AB
Project Type / Learning Displays and Exhibits
Materials / Digital Printing, Acrylic, Corrugated Metal, MDF, Rocks, Casting Resin

We had the privilege to design, manufacture and install tangible artwork at the Bow Habitat Station in the province of Alberta.  The Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Environment and Parks was constructing an interactive Discovery Centre for families and the community. Their purpose was to share and educate the public about Alberta’s fish, wildlife, water and aquatic ecosystems.  We were commissioned to provide an artistic entrance within the Welcome Centre that consisted of shimmering, iridescent trout fish scales, a trout wall art installation and a riverbed plinth.