State of the Art Concepts

Bow River Habitat Station – Calgary, AB

  • Bow River Habitat Station sculpture by State of the Art Concepts
  • Bow River
Location / Calgary, AB
Project Type / Learning Displays and Exhibits
Materials / Digital Printing, Acrylic, Corrugated Metal, MDF, Rocks, Casting Resin

SOTAC was commissioned to produce an artistic foyer entrance along with a conjoined trout display within the welcome centre area of Bow River Habitat Station. The entire foyer wall has been installed with individually hung 5” detailed discs to replicate the scales of a trout. The internal 7’ x 24’ “Wow Wall” trout sculpture is constructed from corrugated metal and then attached to colorful MDF panels that represent water. The 68’ rock plinth below the trout is cast in resin and manufactured in 8 sections due to weight, transportation and installation precautions.