State of the Art Concepts

Architectural Signage – Vancouver International Airport – YVR

  • Thinking Canada YVR Sign
  • The Shop - YVR
  • The Gourmet Shop
  • Skyway - YVR
  • Les Boutiques
  • Hanami YVR
  • Galiano Gifts
  • Basics - YVR
Client / Various
Location / Vancouver International Airport – Vancouver, BC
Project Type / Architectural Signage
Materials / Acrylic, Aluminium, LEDs, Neon, Foam, Polyurethane Hard Coat, Airbrushing
Throughout the years, we have been commissioned by Vancouver International Airport (YVR) multinational travel retailers, franchises and independent business owners to design and manufacture 3D signage that complements their storefront, branding, and positioning, all the while attracting retail sales.